Welcome to The Entertainment Quarter – Your Premier Location and your Destination in Moore Park, Sydney.

Discover the perfect location for your business at The Entertainment Quarter, a vibrant and dynamic precinct that attracts a diverse range of visitors. Located in the heart of Moore Park, Sydney, our venue is a hub of entertainment, culture, and excitement, making it an ideal space for leasing opportunities.

Why Lease at The Entertainment Quarter?

  1. Prime Location: Situated in one of Sydney’s most iconic areas, The Entertainment Quarter benefits from its central location, easily accessible to locals and tourists alike. With close proximity to the CBD and excellent transport links, your business will thrive in this bustling locale.
  2. High Footfall: Join the ranks of successful businesses that flourish at The Entertainment Quarter. With millions of visitors each year, your venture will be exposed to a diverse audience, providing ample opportunities for growth and success.
  3. Versatile Spaces: Our leasing options include a variety of versatile spaces suitable for various businesses. Whether you’re looking for retail spaces, offices, or event venues, we have the perfect spot to meet your needs. Take advantage of our modern infrastructure and well-designed spaces to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for your customers.
  4. Proven Success Stories: Many renowned businesses have found success at The Entertainment Quarter. From trendy cafes and restaurants to boutique stores and event spaces, the precinct has a track record of hosting thriving businesses. Join the ranks of successful teams who have chosen The Entertainment Quarter as their business home.
  5. Exciting Events and Activations: The Entertainment Quarter is not just a leasing destination; it’s an experience. Our precinct is home to a plethora of exciting events and activations throughout the year. From cultural festivals to live performances, your business will benefit from the lively atmosphere and draw even more visitors.


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At The Entertainment Quarter, we’re not just offering a space; we’re providing an opportunity for your business to thrive in a dynamic and energetic environment. Join us and become a part of Sydney’s premier entertainment destination!