People of EQ

Meet the people who work, play and study at the Entertainment Quarter and learn their stories.


Azure Cafe

As we all come back to work – the need for that morning (and afternoon) coffee has NEVER been more important! ☕☕☕
Get to know Niraj at Azure Cafe – one of our legendary team here at The Entertainment Quarter – come past to say hi to Niraj and the team on your next visit.


El Camino

We love getting to introduce you to the people that make The Entertainment Quarter so welcoming and fun!

Take a moment and get to know Leticia who works at El Camino here at EQ.
(She also has an obsession with margaritas – so really who could ask for a better job?!!)

Deng Deng

B Lucky & Sons

Deng Deng loves working at B Lucky and Sons, “If different every day, I once had to wear a Pegasus onesie for an entire day – It’s all part of the job.”



For Leah, and new mum and the centre manager at Stadium Club, moving from the Sydney Football Stadium to its new location in the EQ precinct has opened up a new world of food, markets and fun.



Managing Fratelli Fresh in EQ is the ideal job for Gaetano. He loves the sunlit, open spaces of the restaurant and the precinct; he loves serving people and raising smiles; and he loves being Italian! Gaetano is a true leader who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help out… but he is afraid to enter Mario’s kitchen!  



Dimity firmly believes in the Physiocise philosophy of helping people regain strength, balance and inner health through maintenance and self-care. It’s about the long game, not the quick fix. Find out what motivates Dimity and why she loves being in EQ…. and, learn what a “floppy” is.


Baskin Robbins

Dane can scoop ice-cream like nobody’s business – and it’s not as easy as it looks. He has also mastered the art of the shake, is a wizard at waffles, and knows a thing or two about brownies. But his real achievement has been to single-handedly fight of a threatened invasion by minah birds.


Hoyts Entertainment Quarter

He’s been at Hoyts for almost 14 years across 5 different cinemas. Location Manager, Jon, talks about the heightened cinema experience at Hoyts, meeting celebrities, and why he loves being in EQ.


Cafe 2151

Here we sit down and share coffee, dreams and a laugh or two with Arthur, coffee scientist and director of operations at Cafe 2151, and self-appointed ambassador for EQ. His personality is as bright and original as his lime-green glasses. Come and join him in the pursuit for the perfect cup of coffee…


Monkey Mania

If you see someone walking around EQ looking like a smiley emoji with long ringlets and big round glasses, it’s probably Morgan Bryant. As Acting Manager of Monkey Mania, Morgan spends her days making glittery slime, painting plaster figures, jumping on inflated castles, and doing a whole lot of other fun-filled activities. It’s all part of the job and it’s the perfect scenario for this 25 year old university student who’s studying film and animation.



When Jenna isn’t ruling the media world at NOVA Entertainment, she’s studying a Graduate Diploma in Radio at AFTRS. The new part-time course allows her to balance both her career and studies at the same time.



Megan Hall got her first job at Muffin Break while she was still in high school. Her parents ended up buying the Penrith store she worked in and that spring-boarded her career trajectory through the ranks of Foodco into a senior training role. Read about Megan, muffins, and pink ruby chocolate in her profile.


Urban Winery Sydney

Alex Reteif got into the wine business by chance. His parents planted a small vineyard on their farm while he was studying Arts at Uni and he found the grapes more interesting. After switching degrees to Wine Making, Alex worked in vineyards in America, France and Spain before starting his own label, A.Reteif Wines in 2008. In 2015, he created Urban Winery Sydney, a boutique winery with bar and event space. Read his story.


The Bavarian

Hailing from Slovakia, Ivana found herself quickly adapting to the Australian way of life. Being a lover of beer over wine, it was only fitting that she found herself managing The Bavarian which will always hold a special place in her heart.


Brent Street

Nicholas Collins graduated from Brent Street academy in 2018 and barely had he stepped out into the real world before landing the role of A-Rab in Opera Australia’s upcoming production of West Side Story. It’s a huge career leap for the boy from Orange and the beginning of a dream come true. As Nicholas says “hard work always pays off”.


Black Star Pastry

When Arnaud Vodounou told his mother he wanted to quit school and become a pastry chef, she gave him a very firm “no”. So he got his school diploma, tossed it aside and spent the next six years studying pastry cooking in Paris. French born Arnaud now lives in Sydney and is Head Pastry Chef at Black Star Pastry.

Mark and Val

Rio Barra

What happens when Sydney Swans hero, Adam Goodes, asks for more chicken? Well, if you’re Mark and Val Rubic of Rio Barra, you pile it on his wrap, name it “The Goodesy” and go from a tiny stall at the market to a restaurant style store in EQ and an exponentially growing catering business. That, of course, is long story short.

Bec and Mads

Cambridge Markets

“The busiest time at the market on a Wednesday is between 12 and 2, and it’s basically everybody that works in the precinct and nearby. They all come from Fox and Sydney Swans and the SCG. They all come for lunch. There’s lots of mums and bubs,” says Mads, co-director of the markets. Read about how she and best friend Bec created their successful business in their profile.


Brent Street Dance Academy

Lucas Newland, owner and manager of Brent St has had an amazing career as a dancer and choreography, and he has inspired and supported hundreds of young students onto their own successful careers. His passion is infectious and his dedication is admirable. And his dog is darn cute, too.