The Entertainment Quarter has a 2,000 spot multi-storey car park open from 6.00am to 2.00am, 7 days a week. It’s perfect for your next visit to EQ, a game or a live event at the SCG or Allianz Stadium, a gig at The Hordern, or Liberty Hall or a fun night out at one of our great restaurants and bars.

Enjoy up to 2 hours of free parking (on non-event days) if you enter the carpark before 6pm at night (after 6pm at night is just a flat $7 rate).

The maximum height clearance for the car park is 2.1 metres.

How our carpark works:

Our EQ Carpark uses Car Licence Plate recognition technology to replace the paper tickets (much better for the environment).

Just pull up to the boom gate at the entry, our camera will read your licence plate. Park in one of the 2000 bays and enjoy your time at the Entertainment Quarter. If you are in and out in under 2 hours just proceed directly to the boomgate on exit and you are free to go. You can check how long you have been at the EQ via scanning the QR Code (displayed on screens and signage around the EQ) or at one of our pay stations.

Should you be longer than 2 hours, please simply pay for your parking at one of the pay stations, pay via the QR codes displayed around the EQ or pay directly with a credit card at the boomgates on exit.

Pay for your Parking:

You can now pay for your parking at the Entertainment Quarter via this link or scan the QR Code below and follow the prompts:

  • Scan the QR Code
  • Click the Link
  • Enter in your licence plate number
  • Pay for parking using your credit card, apple pay or google pay
  • Exit the carpark as normal (the boom gate will automatically open)
Casual parking rates:

Covering non-event day parking – entering the carpark between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

No. of Hours Rate (Incl GST)
0 – 2 FREE
2 – 3 $10
3 – 4 $12
4 – 5 $16
5 – 6 $20
6+ $30
Evening flat rate
(entering after 6:00pm)


HOYTS and PALACE CINEMAS Parking – additional 1 hour of parking:

HOYTS Entertainment Quarter and Palace Cinemas’ Moore Park customers will receive one hour extra of free parking, upon validating their parking inside their respective cinemas inside the cinema – please validate prior to leaving the Hoyts Cinema.

Simply enter in your Licence Plate Number into the validator at Hoyts before returning to your car to receive an additional hour free parking. Please note, your discount is only valid on the day of purchase for an additional hour.

Event Day Parking

Event days are classified when the Moore Park precinct is in full swing and a $30 flat rate fee for parking at the Entertainment Quarter is applicable.

Please note: due to the large number of cars leaving the carpark post large scale events within the Moore Park precinct – usually all 2000 cars – there will be expected delays in leaving the carpark. We encourage you to stop at one of our restaurants or cafes (or even head for a lap around the Hyper Kart track) to easy your wait time in your car.

To assist on event days we ask that you pay for your ticketless parking PRIOR to returning to your car – this speeds up the exit boomgates for everyone.

You can reduce the $30 Event Day Parking Fee to the lower / causal rate, by making a purchase of $10 or more at any of our Entertainment Quarter stores or restaurants or cinemas; validating your licence plate in store or by presenting your receipt at the Wilsons cashier to ensure that the casual rates apply.

You must validate your Licence Plate Number PRIOR to exiting the carpark or paying, you can not validate your parking at the boomgates or pay stations. Return back to the store / restaurant you purchased your minimum $10 spend in, and they will be able to validate your parking via the validation tablet. We can not validate / reduce parking costs after paying.


No. of Hours Rate (Incl GST)
0 – 2 FREE
2 – 3 $10
3 – 4 $12
4 – 5 $16
5 – 6 $20
6+ $30


Event Day Parking Days at The Entertainment Quarter:

  • Saturday 4th May from 11am
  • Friday 10th May from 5pm
  • Saturday 11th May from 2pm
  • Sunday 12th May from 11am
  • Friday 17th May from 11am
  • Friday 31st May from 4pm
  • Sunday 2nd June from 1pm
  • Sunday 9th June from 12pm
  • Friday 28th June from TBC
  • Sunday 30th June from 3pm

Can I prebook or prepay for parking?

No, the “Book a Bay” feature has been removed from the carpark.

We have a ‘first in, first parked’ policy that helps all guest have a better experience with gaining a car parking spot.

What if I cant remember my Licence Plate?

It is important to remember your licence plate number as it will become your ticket. It’s a good idea to take a photo of it with your phone.

How do I pay?

There are three easy ways to pay for parking if you have parked at the Entertainment Quarter for over two hours or its an ‘event day’ parking at the EQ:

  • head to one of our pay station by entering your licence plate details,
  • pay at the Wilson Parking Office, located on the Ground Floor at the Western end of the Carpark (across from Watsons pub)
  • pay via the QR code displayed around the EQ.

If you have registered online, any fees owing will be automatically debited from your nominated credit or debit card when you exit.

How can I pay?

Via Credit Card, Paywave (Apple Pay or Google Pay) or at our Wilsons Parking Office (located at the Western end of the Carpark, opposite Watsons EQ Pub).

Surcharges on your credit card transaction may apply

What if I forget to pay before exit?

You can pay at the exit with a credit card via payWave. There is also a call button at each exit if you need any assistance.

How can I track how long I have been in the carpark?

You can check what time you entered the car park by typing in your licence plate details at one of the pay stations located at the car park ramp on the ground level of the centre, or via the QR code located on our signage around the EQ.

I used the carpark multiple times a day (multiple entry and exits), how will that be charged?

If you exit the centre and want to return on the same day, there must be 45mins between each exit and re-entry to receive the new 2 hours free parking. If you enter within this period, additional parking charges apply (for the duration of the total time parked in the car park, from the time of the first recorded entry).

How do I validate my parking should it be an ‘Event Day”?

Simply validate your parking with the store / restaurant / market stall you spent your $10 or more at. They will assist you with our Parking Tablet – where you simply enter your Licence Plate into the system to reduce your parking.

You must validate your parking PRIOR to paying. No refunds or discounts can be issued once you have paid for parking (we can’t post-validate after paying)

I have a accessible parking pass, will rates apply?

Yes, parking rates will still apply. We have dedicated accessible parking spaces located on the ground floor of the carpark. All accessible parking has ramps and lifts to get to all levels of the EQ.

What should I do if I needed extra assistance at the pay station or boomgates on exit?

Please press the intercom HELP button on the pay station or exit gate and a member of our team will assist you. Or you can head to our Wilsons Parking Office located on the Ground Floor, and the team will be able to assist.

Will my licence plate and credit card details be kept secure?

Yes, all details will be kept secure in accordance with our privacy policy and are not shared or distributed outside of the requirements to pay for parking.

Can I park overnight?

Yes, But your parking will continue to be charged the entire time you are on site.

Can I read the Parking Terms and Conditions?

Of course – check out the T&Cs for Parking here at The Entertainment Quarter – HERE

Accessible Parking

Multiple parking spaces are available on the ground floor in the multi-storey carpark for accessible parking. With direct access to ramps as needed. Please ensure that you display your accessible / mobility parking pass at all times on your vehicle.