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Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of Entertainment: A Journey Through The Entertainment Quarter and EQ MARKETS

Nestled within the heart of Sydney, The Entertainment Quarter stands as a vibrant testament to the city’s rich cultural landscape. Steeped in history and surrounded by the echoes of events like the Royal Agricultural Society, this iconic destination beckons you to experience the amalgamation of tradition, creativity, and community spirit at the EQ MARKETS.

2024 helps celebrate 23 years of EQ Markets here at the Entertainment Quarter. Having captivated Sydney and the local community with exciting market experiences across the years, we are excited to continue the tradition and support local communities and the market community.

The Roots of Entertainment Quarter – A Historical Odyssey:

Explore markets at The Entertainment Quarter, tracing its ‘market’ roots back to its inception. Established on the grounds of the Royal Agricultural Society, EQ has evolved into a dynamic precinct that not only pays homage to its agricultural past but also embraces the contemporary pulse of Sydney’s entertainment scene. Delve into the history, the transformations, and the milestones that have shaped The Entertainment Quarter into what it is today.

EQ MARKETS – Where Tradition Meets Trend:

Dive into the heart of EQ MARKETS, an embodiment of The Entertainment Quarter’s commitment to fostering community connections. Explore the diverse array of stalls that echo the heritage of the Royal Agricultural Society while showcasing contemporary craftsmanship. From handcrafted goods to avant-garde art pieces, the markets promise an immersive experience for every visitor.

Culinary Journey – Gourmet Delights Amidst Cultural Delicacies:

Embark on a gastronomic adventure as EQ MARKETS unfolds a tapestry of flavours. Immerse yourself in the culinary delights offered by gourmet food stalls, reflecting the multicultural essence of Sydney. Unearth the unique blend of tradition and innovation in every dish, creating a feast for the senses.

The Entertainment Extravaganza – A Symphony of Performances:

Unveil the entertainment lineup that sets EQ MARKETS apart. From local musicians to street artists, the event promises a vibrant atmosphere where every corner resonates with creativity. Immerse yourself in live performances, adding a dynamic layer to the shopping experience.


Explore the impact EQ MARKETS has on the local community and beyond. From supporting local artisans to contributing to the cultural tapestry of Sydney, delve into the far-reaching effects of this event. Learn about initiatives that promote sustainability and community welfare, making EQ MARKETS not just an event but a catalyst for positive change.

EQ MARKETS and more:

We have also added in other specialty markets to help continue the markets outside of our regular Wednesday and Saturday.

The Sydney Vegan Markets in association with Vegan NSW – hold a monthly market on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Join us from 9am – 4pm for a day of delicious vegan food and stalls designed as your ultimate destination for all things plant based, cruelty-free & vegan. From fresh food to home wares to coffee to fashion, whether you’re selling, buying or browsing, we have you covered.

Le Marché, French Markets at The Entertainment Quarter will join the EQ Market line up starting in February. Taking over the 1st Sunday of every month from 9am – 2pm. Get ready to spend a leisurely Sunday morning in France without the jet lag at our fabulous French markets in right in the heart of Sydney! Le Marché – French Markets will transform the Market Canopy into a vibrant celebration of French culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship.

We cant wait to welcome you:

The invitation stands – come, be a part of this living legacy. Experience the echoes of the Royal Agricultural Society, the embrace of Moore Park and Centennial Park, and the vibrant spirit of EQ MARKETS. Let the fusion of tradition and modernity captivate your senses, creating memories that transcend the ordinary.

Be Part of the Markets:

Why EQ Markets?

  • Community Focus:Our markets are more than just a place to buy and sell. They are hubs of community connection and engagement.
  • Quality Products:We are seeking stallholders who offer unique, locally-made or produced goods, from Christmas paraphernalia to homewares, fashion, children’s wear, beauty products, and more.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Benefit from our extensive marketing efforts as we promote EQ Markets to a wide and engaged audience.

If you wanted to be apart of the markets and bring your own food or market stall – reach out to the team here

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