Rockpool Dining to open their fourth Sydney based Mexican joint in the Entertainment Quarter

The Entertainment Quarter is thrilled to announce an exciting new venue in the precinct: El Camino Cantina! Opening in October and part of the Rockpool Dining Group, this colourful Tex-Mex restaurant is a mash up of neon-lit Las Vegas bar, wild west saloon, Mexican cantina, and Californian beach shack.  Famed for its bird-bath sized margaritas (served shaken or frozen) and the endless supply of complimentary corn chips and salsa, this popular casual dining restaurant serves a classic Tex-Mex menu. On offer is a selection of soft-shelled tacos, sizzling fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, buffalo wings, nachos and more. If you’ve got an appetite for something that requires cutlery there’s lime and pepper angus beef, hickory smoked brisket, adobo chicken, and confit portobello mushroom. There are vegan and gluten free options available too, and you can choose the chilli strength you can cope with – from “little caliente” (mild) to “ay caramba!” (make sure there’s a frozen margarita nearby). If you do order a margarita, you can select from four flavours: classic, strawberry, mango and tropical Red Bull. And yes, there are other drinks available including a range of cocktails, wines, beers, and sangria.

While it’s quite a party for the taste buds, El Camino Cantina is also a feast for the eyes. The decor is brightly coloured, vividly lit, and filled with pop culture paraphernalia and Mexican “Day of the Dead” decorations (don’t worry, they’re mostly happy, fun skeletons).  Familiar tunes provide the soundtrack. If it gets too intense inside, you can sit and chill in the outside seating area.

There’s a kids menu so it’s family friendly, and the wide choice of easy snacks makes it perfect for a pre or post event stop.

Open daily from 11am – late.
Phone bookings: (02) 9259 5600

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