Fun Lab’s newest venture B. Lucky & Sons opens their flagship Sydney store in EQ

If you combined all the great things about being a kid with all the great things about being an adult, you’d have B.Lucky & Sons, the imaginative new bar/arcade parlour/vintage store opening mid-May at Entertainment Quarter.

Behind the guise of an old wares pawn shop lies a neon lit, resplendently retro, very groovy hang out with casino-surplus decor and time-travel arcade games. Forget the stress of modern life for a while, and go back to the simple pleasures of Space Invaders, Mario Kart, NBA Hoops, and more. Plus you can play and win fabulous genuine vintage prizes like cameras, vinyl records, Chanel handbags, and lots of other classic collectors items. Enjoy a unique cocktail creation or try the signature alcoholic bubble tea. There are plenty of carb-rich treats on the food menu to keep your energy levels high: pork bao buns, prawn crackers, or if you’ve really got the munchies try a pizza topped with bonito flakes and crispy wonton wrappers, or sausage, gravy and potato crisps. It’ll be family friendly during the day, so you can bring the kids and show them what you used to do when you were their age! At night, though, it’s strictly grown-up territory only.

B. Lucky & Sons opens on Friday, 17 May. For more details go to

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