Le Marché French Markets

Date: 7 Jul 2024 - 1 Dec 2024
Time: 9am - 2pm
Venue: The Market Canopy

Le Marché, French Markets at The Entertainment Quarter

Taking over Every 1st Sunday of the Month.

Time: 9am – 2pm

Location: The Entertainment Quarter, under our Market Canopy.

About the Event:

Get ready to spend a leisurely Sunday morning in France without the jet lag at our fabulous French markets in right in the heart of Sydney! Le Marché – French Markets are coming to The Entertainment Quarter, transforming the Market Canopy into a vibrant celebration of French culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship.

Get ready for the ultimate taste of France starting 1st Sunday of every month in 2024.

You can say bonjour to more than 45 talented Frenchies selling everything from raclette and rillettes to choux buns and Champagne.

Start your morning in Le Marché’s culinary corner, which channels the vibes of a mini French supermarket. Fill your baskets with farm-fresh eggs, truffles, baked treats, duck confit and of course, all the French cheeses your heart desires.

Experience the lively spirit of a French village market by chatting with Le Marché’s passionate line-up of artisans selling striped Breton t-shirts, colourful berets, linen tablecloths, straw baskets and more. Take a leisurely browse through the stalls, and when it’s time to refuel, hit up the hot food stalls serving everything from buttery escargots and boeuf bourguignon to raclette and truffle-infused rotisserie chicken.

Seal the deal on your market rendezvous with a flaky croissant, creamy eclair or delicate choux bun. Bring a taste of the markets home too by buying a freshly baked baguette or colourful box of bite-sized macarons.

What to Expect:

  • Gourmet Delights: Indulge in the finest French cuisine with a diverse array of gourmet delights. From delectable pastries to savory cheeses, Le Marche promises a culinary journey through the regions of France.
  • Thirsty: Take a detour to sample fine French wines and locally brewed gin, or skip straight to the Champagne bar for a bubbly start to your day.
  • Artisanal Crafts: Explore a curated marketplace featuring unique and handcrafted treasures. Discover exquisite jewellery, stylish fashion, and beautiful home decor that reflects the artistry of French craftsmanship.
  • Live Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance with live music and entertainment that captures the spirit of France. Let the sounds of accordion melodies and French tunes transport you to the charming streets of Paris.
  • Fun for the whole family: Bring the whole family for a day of fun; and bring your 4 legged kids too for a day of fun.


  • French Wine Tasting: Expand your palate with a special French wine tasting experience. Sample a variety of exquisite wines that embody the essence of French viticulture.
  • Delicious Food and Cooking Experiences: Learn the secrets of French culinary mastery with cooking informaiton directly from renowned chefs. Get insider tips and techniques to recreate authentic French dishes at home.
  • Full Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in French culture throughout the entire day. From French Music and even enjoy traditional dance, Le Marche offers a unique opportunity to connect with the richness of French heritage.

When are they on:

Le Marché will take over The heart of the Entertainment Quarter on the 1st Sunday of Every Month

  • Sunday 7th April 2024
  • Sunday 5th May 2024
  • Sunday 2nd June 2024
  • Sunday 7th July 2024
  • Sunday 4th August 2024
  • Sunday 1st September 2024
  • Sunday 6th October 2024
  • Sunday 3rd November 2024
  • Sunday 1st December 2024

How to Get There:

Le Marché will take over The Market Canopy – located in the heart of the Entertainment Quarter.

With 2000 car bays on site and only a 2 min walk from The Moore Park Light Rail stop.


It’s a FREE Event – so bring the whole family, the friends and even your 4 legged best friend.

Stay Connected:

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Join us every 1st Sunday of the Month, for a day of French elegance, flavour, and fun at “Le Marche” French Markets – where Sydney meets the enchantment of France!


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