Artist Collaborative launches in EQ to shake up the art scene

Art T Gallery has launched at the Entertainment Quarter. The collaborative style gallery will inject a hub of art, culture and community into the popular entertainment precinct.

Founded by Dutch artist Joram van der Starre, the vision for the NFP collaborative is to help emerging artists make a living out of their art and to widen the joy of art to audiences beyond the elite of the art world.

He says, “I am excited to open a space where artists can create, sell and exhibit their work.  At the same I’m passionate about exposing quality art to a wide audience who typically don’t visit more traditional art galleries.”

Joram has developed a textured painting style using palet knives and oil paints.  He has a unique eye for spotting the beauty in the world around us and he translates this vision onto his canvas. Joram has been running a PR agency for over 15 years and is thrilled to be transferring his business experience to make Art T Gallery a success.

Art T Gallery’s founding artists all have a unique personal and artistic background.

Tanya Duckworth is an illustrator who is completing a PhD study which considers the effects of creativity on neuroplasticity and cognition in the adults living with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sydney based artist Reena Naidu, born in Fiji and of Indian heritage, focuses on landscapes which are not only visually stunning, depicting the sublime of life’s creation, but convey thought-provoking concepts of mood, time, place and movement.

Michael Thomson has been exhibiting his work in New Zealand and Australia since 1983 and is the owner of an architectural decorative finishes business. He uses an array of materials to create large scale drawings, paintings, furniture, clothing and pottery.

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